Just had our inspection done by A+ Pool Leak Detectives as we’re buying a new property and were not sure what condition the pool really was in from a professional standpoint. The inspection by Brent was a great way to go. His reviews on everything both in video and written form, along with the instructions that go along with it on a system we’ve clearly never had to deal with, were reassuring. Very in-depth inspection for the price and I would definitely recommend him to ANYONE. Thanks again, Brent, for being out there so fast.


My family was purchasing a new home with a very complex pool system, and I wanted to ensure there were no unexpected surprises after we were out of options. Brent went above and beyond to provide a thorough report which included videos and photos. As a realtor, I will certainly be recommending him in the future!

Brionna B.

Would absolutely recommend A+ Pool Leak Detectives. They did our pool inspection for our new home. They provided fantastic tutorials and videos on how our specific pool works and a very nice PDF document that we can reference in the future. Great information for home buyers who may not be familiar with the intricacies of pools. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch pool inspection.

Michael S.

Highly recommended. Comprehensive report about your pool is provided that will let you know exactly what you are dealing with. Helped us sleep better at night knowing that the home we were looking at buying didn’t come with a hidden monster in the backyard.

Harold N.

Absolutely amazing service! Brent was friendly and professional. My report was extremely thorough. It included both pictures, text, and explanation videos. I would definitely use again.

Gabriel O.

The report we received about our pool was extremely thorough. The videos and typed report are invaluable. Thank you very much.

Jordan K.

It was a pleasure working with Brent. He is extremely knowledgeable and delivered an extremely detailed and intuitive report on all aspects of our pool. Extremely professional and friendly. Would highly recommend working with them!

Daniel M.

Of the countless inspections I’ve purchased through the years, A+ Pool Leak Detectives provided the most comprehensive yet concise, easy-to-read report. Brent didn’t simply present the facts; he offered his expert opinion, which is what you hire an inspector for. I will be using their services again and would highly recommend.

Lawrence B.

Brent is fantastic!! Wow, very passionate about his work and very thorough!! Excellent feedback, extremely detailed with findings and great with suggestions on repairs needed. Would recommend Brent to everyone I know who has a pool.

Nicole P.

Brent Bailey is amazing! The Byrne Real Estate Group recently reached out to Brent Bailey to assist with a pool leak at one of our listings that had issues with the pool. He went above and beyond by sending us a video explanation of the pool leak, double & triple checking that all was well with the pool and provided the best customer experience. We will definitely reach back out to Brent in the future to assist with our listings! Thanks again, Brent & A + Pool Leak Detectives!

Clay B.

Brent with A+ Pool Leak Detectives saved the day! I was needing to refill my pool every other day and called on Brent (recommended by a pool builder) to help me solve my issue. Within two hours, he diagnosed the leak and repaired it. He also took the time to do a review of my (older) pool and share his opinion on the status of my plaster, piping, exterior wall, etc. Brent was easy to contact, replied promptly, and worked me into his schedule within a reasonable time frame.

Kate R.

Brent gave us great peace of mind about the pool and pool equipment on a new house that we are buying!!

Rob R.

Brent was efficient, knowledgeable and professional!! If we ever have a leak, he will be the one to call!!

Susie K.

Just had Brent at A+ Pool Leak Detectives do a pool inspection, and it was by far the most thorough inspection and report I have ever seen (and easy to read, understand and summarized the issues and estimated costs). Brent goes above and beyond with his service, and it is worth every penny. The fact that he is the nicest guy, too, is just a cherry on top of this sundae. I highly recommend him in the Austin metro area for your pool inspection needs.

Karen K.

We were having an issue with air getting into our pool liner, and Brent is now my hero. He came out and was able to detect the problem and got it fixed. He was very patient and explained everything he was doing to my husband and I which I really appreciated. Brent is genuinely a nice guy and both my husband and I really enjoyed visiting with him. I would highly recommend A+ Pool Leak Detectives to anyone looking for someone to work on their pool. You won’t be disappointed.

Tina A.

I’m leaving a review simply based on their upfront customer service. I haven’t actually used them yet. Many companies are so busy that they don’t respond. However, Brent replied back quickly, gave some honest thoughts and told me he was backed up. He even gave me a referral to a competitor in case I needed help sooner. Lastly, his philosophy appears to be to fix the problem without spending tons of money if not necessary. Too many businesses don’t respond, don’t care, or try to gouge people. Based on his quick and thoughtful response, I am likely to hire them at some point.

Mike M.

Brent is awesome. Super knowledgeable, thorough, and he provides a great presentation. He gave specifics and helped us save thousands of dollars and untold heartache. His document provided perfect leverage/reference to help the sellers see the error of their thinking. Thank you!

Barbara M.

A+ Pool Leak Detectives was amazing. Highly recommended, and I can’t imagine a better group for this service. The work quality, knowledge, and service were outstanding, and they are also just genuine, great people. I believe they go above and beyond here because Brent loves what he does so much. Thank you!

Kurt F.

Service was scheduled in a timely fashion. We received a thorough report in a universal file format that will be easy to keep in our records should we ever need to refer to findings later for insurance or warranty purposes. The inspector took narrated video to supplement and summarize the findings of the report. We found this extra context did a lot to clarify both the text and photo information included in the inspection report. All coordination between us, our buyer’s agent, and the inspector was seamless. We were able to ask questions and get timely responses to all of our questions. Service was professional and even cheerful in manner. The level of detail presented was very helpful in negotiating terms and bringing them to a resolution we felt confident in.

Matt S.

Brent has been a pleasure to work with. He explained things to us in plain English, made sure we understood all aspects of the inspection and the report, and was available to answer any follow up questions we had. He also recommended professionals who could help us fix issues while not profiting from it. A pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with him.

Uri K.

Brent was super thorough. It’s our first time owning a pool, and he laid it all out very simply for us. He’s a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. and you really don’t want to miss anything with a pool.

Jack P.

Brent is the most thorough, experienced, knowledgeable pool inspector I have worked with in my 18 years as a real estate broker. He is professional and personable, and his enthusiasm and dedication are refreshing and greatly appreciated. Brent is an excellent communicator and provides and unmatched level of service.

Wendi S.

What a wonderful experience! Brent came in the freezing-cold rain to inspect the pool. He explained everything so clearly and was so patient. He sent a very detailed report, along with videos, and suggestions for us. I highly recommend A+ Pool Leak Detectives!!!!

Julie B.

Excellent and professional service. We needed a pool report in a hurry and Brent was able to get the detailed inspection done very quickly. His report was thorough and included photos and short videos explaining everything he inspected. The house we are considering buying is older, and we wanted to know about any potential problems we may have with the pool. After his inspection, we feel much better. I would highly recommend using A+ Pool Leak Detectives.

Glynda C.

We called Brent for a pre-buy inspection on Monday and had a detailed report with six videos by the end of the day on Tuesday. He gave us a full run-down on the pool, including both the good and the bad. He was professional, detail-oriented, and he really knows his pools!

Steven S.

Best inspection company we’ve used so far while buying our new home! Loved the level of knowledge and professionalism that comes with hiring this company! Great for first time pool owners!

Amy C.

Brent answered my email inquiry in a timely manner and went out of his way to provide me a pool-related recommendation even though I was unable to use his services. Thank you!

Jordan C.

It was truly a pleasure to speak with Brent. We are investors and were in need of a concise review of a pool that was part of the house that we were buying. Brent took the time to examine the pool and provided expertise that anyone who is in need of pool detection leaks or a general overview and assessment of a pool could be 100% confident with his concise and experienced assessment of the pool. There is no question in our mind that, when it comes time to the use a pool expert in Austin, we will absolutely be calling him. Thank you, Brent!

Donald W.

If you have any doubts regarding fixing a leak in your pool, put them aside and let Brent take care of your problem leak. I was pulling out my hair since my 20X40-foot pool was losing an inch of water daily. Brent found and repaired the problem quickly. I highly recommend A+ Pool Leak Detectives!!!!

Randall D.

Fixed a leak in our pool, and when a different leak developed a couple of months later, returned and fixed it, too.

Jimmy R.

The best and the most detailed inspection ever. Brent was very personable and knowledgeable and went above and beyond. Swam the pool and used a drone. The written report and video were detailed and expertly done detailing all the information that was pertinent. I’m so impressed. I will always use A+ Pool Leak Detectives.

Tula T.

Brent has been very helpful to my family. He did the inspection on our pool, and we are new pool owners, so we had and still have lots of questions. With this crazy rainy weather, we have had some challenges with the pool, and he even stayed on the phone and facetime to help me walk through replacing a backup valve on my cleaner. We have appreciated his willingness to support and answer questions!!!

Tracy C.

Brent diagnosed my hard-to-find leak over a period of two days. The first time he came, the leak went away. He had me fill the pool, came back the next morning, and was able to find an 18-gallon-per-hour leak. Brent is very professional, and you can tell he knows what he is doing. I used to work in the auto industry, and there is a difference between a mechanic and a technician. Brent reminds me of a technician. He has high-tech equipment that you can tell cost a lot, but that is what you need to correctly diagnose problems in any industry. He will be who I call from now on. Hopefully, I won’t have any more leaks.

Reagan S.

Absolutely appreciate Brent’s help with my pool leak questions! I was unsure about some dark spots on the outside cement of my pool. Brent was able to provide advice based on his extensive experience with many pools. I gained confidence that it was common to have dark spots with a pool that is not leaking. Although I didn’t need a repair this time, I will be getting my next pool leak repair here!

Curt B.

Brent was fantastic! He did an extremely thorough inspection of the pool in a property I was buying. The level of detail and explanations provided were amazing. In addition, he provided suggestions on fixes with rough cost estimates. 100% recommend them!

T M.

We are buying a new place with an infinity pool. Brent has been excellent. Thorough inspection identified some issues. Brent has checked the work for the seller and us. He is responsive and a pleasure to deal with.

Ed Y.

We needed to have a quick inspection by a pool expert to satisfy a response on a house closing. The home inspector named off numerous things that neither the realtor nor we had heard about before. I contacted Brent on a Saturday, and he came over on Sunday to do the inspection. He was very knowledgeable and did a great job putting together a video response that addressed each of the items of concern. I would definitely recommend A+ Pool Leak Detectives!

TX Rose69

This is the second time we have used Brent Bailey, and he does a very detailed evaluation. The report is easy to read and understand. I would highly recommend using A+ Pool Leak Detectives!

Paula B.

You won’t find a better pool inspector anywhere in the Austin area. Brent is incredible at what he does. Very thorough and really takes time to explain everything. Highly recommend him if you are buying a home and need a pool inspection done.

Jody J.

Awesome experience. Very professional, accommodating, thorough, and instilled great confidence as a home buyer and first-time pool owner. Brent is an expert in the field and will always be our go-to for all things pool! Couldn’t be more pleased with the service!

Matt M.

Brent from A+ Pool Leak Detectives did a very thorough job of my pool inspection. I had just bought the house and he not only did the repairs but gave an orientation on the ins and outs of pool ownership. He’s absolutely passionate about his work and eager to teach. What a nice, friendly helping hand he was. I’m sure I’ll have him take care of my pool on a regular basis. Very fortunate to find him.

Mari D.

Brent was able to diagnose a leak in our pool quickly & repair it. Super knowledgeable and communications were excellent – he took his time to explain the whole process in way that was easy for us to understand. We highly recommend him and won’t hesitate to use his services again if needed.

Gina G.

A+ Pool Leak Detectives is the best in the business! I have a 30-year-old pool that started leaking (again), and Brent came out and quickly ascertained that the leak was coming from the waterfall from my spa to the pool. I had been losing an inch of water per day. He had me fixed up and cleaned up within the hour. Can’t recommend Brent and A+ Pool Leak Detectives more highly!

Studio Hut

Brent did an amazing job of explaining every issue he saw and was always available for further explanations.

Soledad F.

Such a great experience! Brent was so professional and thorough. He found the leak and fixed it. I highly recommend him and his company.

Sara A.

I recommend Brent to all my clients considering the purchase of a home with a pool. He is a true professional, joyful about pools and very helpful in explaining any deficiencies to buyers. Thanks for making me look good, Brent!

Linnann H.

Out of all the inspections Brent’s was the only one we didn’t have additional questions about. There were no “coded” messages; just plain talk on what to fix and what not to. His expertise left us prepared, educated, and comfortable with buying our first home with a pool. He was flexible and understanding when we cancelled on him numerous times due to uncontrollable circumstances.

George W.

Brent is fantastic. We bought a house with a pool and had no idea where to start. Our home inspector recommended a pool inspection, and I kept coming across Brent’s name. He came out, did a thorough check of our pool, and made several videos explaining our pool parts and system for us. As a first-time pool owner, that was so appreciated. He is so knowledgeable, and we really appreciated his explanations and time he took to explain everything. Highly recommend!

Jackie M.

Brent from A+ Pool Leak Detectives did a great job. He went above and beyond, as a matter of fact – and I would definitely recommend him. I own a property in Austin but don’t live there, so his video report was really helpful – clear and helped us understand what was going on. We finally solved a persistent leak that other leak detection companies failed to detect. 5 stars!

Burke B.

I called Brent after hearing from a repair person that I most likely had a leak. I didn’t think that my pool had a leak since water loss occurred sporadically. Brent was very responsive in texts and over the phone. Unlike other pool service techs, he really listened to me, talked through the different issues, and was thoughtful on how to rule out other possibilities. He provided a brief consultation and walked me through several troubleshooting steps. With his help, we determined an easy solution. Because of Brent, I spent far less money to fix the issue than I had expected. He really went above and beyond!

Missy B.