What Your Pool Inspector Looks At

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Whether you have a pool in your backyard or are looking at purchasing a home with a pool, it’s a good idea to have a pool inspector take a look at things to make sure your pool is safe and functioning properly. Hiring a professional pool inspection service will help alert you to any potential problems with your pool that you can take care of before they get worse. During your pool’s inspection, there are a few main things that your pool inspector will look at.

What Your Pool Inspector Looks At

Your pool itself will be one of the first things your pool inspector will look at. Any tiles, decking, and other larger parts of the pool will need to be assessed for safety. The hardware will also need to be checked out. This includes features such as lights, ladders, and handrails, all of which need to be securely attached for your pool to remain a safe space.

The pool inspector will also look at less obvious things, such as the various pool equipment that is required to keep your pool functioning, including plumbing, electrical work, etc. These parts are what keep your pool clean and functioning, so your pool inspector will make sure to take a thorough look.

If you have a pool but haven’t had it looked at by a professional in a long time, reach out to us here at A+ Pool Leak Detectives. We’ll have one of our pool inspectors assess your pool for any damages or necessary repairs in addition to checking on the major components of your pool.