What to do Before a Pool Inspection Service

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Hiring a professional pool inspection service is a great way to get your pool checked out and assessed by someone who can help you locate any damages or causes for concern. However, there is some necessary prep work you should do before your pool inspector arrives.

What to do Before a Pool Inspection Service

Here are some of the steps to take to prepare for your professional pool inspection service:

  • Do your own mini inspection. While you likely won’t have the qualifications or experience to catch all of the details that a professional would notice, you can recognize when a major part or piece of something is not as it should be. For example, a quick walk-around your pool can make you aware of detached tiles, which you can talk to your pool inspector about once they arrive.
  • Look at the local regulations. It helps to be familiar with regulations in your area that you must comply with. Your pool inspector should have this information as well, but if you already know what to look out for, you can discuss any questions or concerns that you have with your inspector.
  • Remove any obstacles. Pool toys are fun when it’s play time, but they can get in the way during a pool inspection service. Before your pool inspector arrives, be sure to remove any obstacles that could get in the way while your inspector is working.

For more ways to prepare for your upcoming pool inspection service, reach out to our team here at A+ Pool Leak Detectives.