Risks to Consider Before Skipping a Realtor Pool Inspection

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We get it – the real estate market is hot. New listings are vanishing in days, and rival buyers are utilizing every trick in the book to gain an upper hand. Consequently, delaying your sale due to a realtor pool inspection can feel like an unreasonable hurdle.

Risks to Consider Before Skipping a Realtor Pool Inspection

But what may appear as trivial details could actually be serious issues bubbling below the pool’s surface. They could be anything, from pool leaks to cracked underground pipes hemorrhaging dozens of gallons daily. Tiny, easily overlooked items can unavoidably reveal themselves as huge, wallet-draining disasters soon after the keys have exchanged hands.

And then, who will be left frantically doggy-paddling when problems arise post-closing? You. You might be facing furious clients and ethics inquiries over failure to disclose. And the new homeowners will feel blindsided, thanks to the costly repair bills of trying to bring their so-called backyard paradise up to shape.

The short-term savings of a waived realtor pool inspection may seem smart when managing your overflowing workload. But having earned clients for life is smarter. Giving your buyers an impartial professional assessment establishes trust and good faith should you ever need a client referral. And if defects do emerge, a realtor pool inspection report will grant your clients negotiating leverage to recoup their repair costs. This will ensure you avoid liability.

Although patience in this market can often feel impossible, failed disclosure can impact your credibility. So, next time you’re tempted to overlook inspecting that glistening pool, we recommend that you reconsider your stand.

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