Five Signs You Should Call for Pool Leak Detection Services

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Even swimming pools constructed with great care can have leaks form in the pool itself or in the plumbing and other pool equipment. While a major leak will be quite evident because you’ll need to top off the water more often than usual, it can take a while for a small leak to become noticeable.

Five Signs You Should Call for Pool Leak Detection Services

There can also be other signs of a problem that go beyond water loss, and if you notice any of these, you should call for pool leak detection services so that you don’t waste water and chemicals or have a small leak become a bigger problem. Here are some things that could indicate a leak:

1. Changes in the pool deck– If water is leaking under your pool deck, the ground under it destabilizes, which causes the surface to fluctuate. You could see cracks, sinking, bulging, warping, and other changes in the pool deck in this situation.
2. Visible cracks in the pool– There are several things that can cause cracks in the swimming pool itself, including a ground shift or water leakage causing the ground to change under the pool.
3. Standing water around the pool or pool equipment– Some leaks allow water to go places you can see right away, such as puddling right where the leak is occurring or at a low point nearby.
4. Gurgling sounds– When there is a leak, it doesn’t just let water out, but it also lets air in, which you may be able to hear.
5. Water issues– If your swimming pool water is discolored or you notice algae forming, this is a sign that contaminants from the soil and even soil itself may be getting into your pool through the crack or other opening where water is also leaking out. If you find yourself using more chemicals that usual to have balanced water, you should call for pool leak detection services.

Water loss isn’t always an indication of a leak. If it has been very hot, there could be more evaporation. If you have been using the pool more, the water could be splashed out more. If you also notice any of the other signs in conjunction with or instead of water loss, call us at A+ Pool Leak Detectives to schedule our pool leak detection services.

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