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When your pool springs a leak, turn to our pool leak detection experts!

Of all the problems that your pool can have, springing a leak is among the worst. Not only do pool leaks waste precious water and drive up your water bill, but they can have a serious impact on the structural integrity of your pool and the surrounding area as well. Pool leaks are notoriously difficult to identify on your own, but if you’re in the Round Rock, Texas area, you don’t have to handle this task alone. Our team at A+ Pool Leak Detectives is here to provide the expert pool leak detection services you need to preserve your pool.

Pool Leak Detection in Round Rock, Texas

When you turn to us for pool leak detection services, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with an experienced team of pool professionals. We have a range of state-of-the-art pool leak detection equipment that we use to help us pinpoint leaks of all sizes and locations. We’re also more than happy to answer your questions since helping educate pool owners about their pool is a big part of what we do and why we’re passionate about our work.

Our technicians may use water loss sensors, underwater or specialty pipe cameras to spot leaks, and underwater microphones to listen for the telltale gurgles that a leak produces. After they’ve inspected your pool, our technicians will provide you with a thorough report that outlines their findings, which you can then use to help you decide what action to take.

Our team can help you find even the smallest leaks in the most inconspicuous locations. To learn more about our process or to schedule a pool leak detection service, reach out to our office today!

At A+ Pool Leak Detectives, we offer pool leak detection services in Austin, Westlake, Lakeway, Lake Travis, Tarrytown, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Pflugerville, Texas.