pool and spa inspection austin tx

We're Your Secret Weapon

Why do Austin, TX Realtors need a trusted pool inspection service?

Believe it or not, almost every pool system in Austin leaks something, someway, somehow. The good news? 90% of issues are something small and simple to fix.

A reliable pool inspector helps Real Estate Agents by:

  • Protecting Your Client From A Negative Experience - Keep your Client satisfied by making sure the pool is leak-free and operates the way it should. If it doesn't? What and where are the simple tweaks needed to get it in shape?
  • Calming your Client's Fears - Let us take a seemingly complicated pool system and break it down through our easy to understand pictures and videos.
  • Educating your Client on the basic Do's and Don't's of Pool Ownership - Knowing just a few simple tips prevents costly breakdowns nobody else will tell your Client.

Before your next Client closes on a home with a pool, call us to make them feel confident in their decision.

Top 3 Questions From First-Time Pool Owners in Austin, TX

Pools are common in the Austin, TX area, however, most people have never owned a pool before. If their perfect house has a pool in the backyard, you'll need to be prepared for the following questions.

First-time pool owners have three main concerns:

  1. Can I maintain this pool myself?
  2. How often do I fill the pool?
  3. How often do I need to clean the pool?

If you don't know the answers to these typical questions, we're here to help. As experts in the field, we're knowledgeable about almost everything concerning pools and spas in the Austin, TX area.

Through the process of completing a pool inspection. we'll educate your Clients about caring for a pool and the major Do's and Don'ts of pool ownership. Contact us now to schedule a pool inspection and relieve your Client's worries.